Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the vital life-blood of our organisation; without their dedication and loyalty we would likely not be able to provide the service that so many rely upon.

We encourage you to support our sponsors' businesses - because if they continue to prosper, then so too will their support of ARHT... and that's to everyone's benefit.


Allow us to introduce to you, our PRINCIPAL SPONSOR, Westpac Bank:

Westpac bank's support of rescue helicopters started in the early nineteen-eighties with their sponsorship of similar services in Australia and the Wellington based rescue chopper. In 1986, seeing an oportunity to extend that support to the Auckland region, Westpac became principal sponsor of the rescue helicopter, and an enduring relationship was thus forged.

Over the years Westpac has played a formidable role in helping build and develop your rescue service into the professional world-respected orgsanisation that it is today. And Westpac's support is far from being just a financial contribution, with it's deep belief in, and enthuiasm for the rescue helicopter evdent througout all levels of its employee base, with many volunteering and contributing to the ongoing fundraising events and initiatives drunig the course of each year.

So thankyou to Westpac and to all your staff, on behalf of all of us here at ARHT and the greater Auckland community, for sticking by us through thick and thin!


...and huge thanks also to our other MAJOR SPONSORS:

Fuji Xerox have been a sponsor of ARHT since 1995, and throughout that time its considerable technology resources have helped keep us up-to-speed when it comes to document management and printing services.

Hirepool have long supported our Trust,  and help us out with many events during the course of each year. In 2009 they stepped up to the mark and pitched in at major sponsor level.


Leaseplan became a significant supporter of ARHT in 2010 when they supplied our 'TANGO5' rapid response vehicle. In 2013 they has extended that support to include all operational vehicles and we're pleased to have them on-board as a major sponsor.


The Russell Group have been a long-time supporter of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and a recent accident brought that support close to home.



Mansons TCLM is a proud sponsor of ARHT. The family company sponsors a few 'close to the heart' organisations and we're absolutely thrilled to be one of them.


Vodafone Next Generation Services provides ARHT with its internet and network connectivity, as well as equipping us with the latest high-tech VOIP phone solution. A solid supporter for many years, the guys at VNGS do us proud!






TV One have been of huge benefit to ARHT, helping to highlight the service through several television docu-drama series including Code:1, the award winning series that first aired in 2009 under the name Rescue:1.



Newstalk ZB have been getting ARHT's message out to the radio-listening public for some considerable time now, and continue to help promote awareness of our organisation.


Numerous owner operators of Pak'nSave & New Worlds within our catchment area generously contribute as individual sponsors of the chopper. Their collective generosity ensures their place as major sponsors.



During 2013, Wickliffe New Zealand joined with us as a major sponsor and in doing so puts its impressive array of print, communications and marketing expertise at our disposal.






Halcyon Lighting are a 15 year supporter of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. This type of long standing relationship allows us to continue the lifesaving aeromedical search & rescue work that we undertake.



 ARHT appreciates the support of the Auckland Council in the form of a funding grant from the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board.