Why our Sponsors are important

Why our Sponsors are important

Our corporate & strategic partners are just as important to us as our community givers. Their help, either with substantial monetary contributions, or in-kind support (or in some cases both) services are absolutely essential to the ongoing operations of our choppers.

Many of the day to day operations of the trust would be somewhat of a mystery to the average person, but our sponsors are very much aware of what their help allows us to do. From communications, print solutions, office supplies, event support, vehicle fleet and even through to advertising and media - our sponsors are absolutely integral to keeping the choppers in the air. There are numerous opportunities to interact with our sponsors at our annual fundraising events, or our public and corporate open days. We'd love for you to come along to any of these events and meet our sponsor family. Perhaps you might want to show your support for those companies that show us the highest level of support, and you'll probably even get the best deal while you're at it.

How To Become A Major Sponsor

The current level of investment shown by our generous sponsors is significant. Thanks to the level of this investment we see every relationship as an important partnership and look to provide considerable value back to any sponsor wishing to fully engage with the Trust. These benefits can include Support Crew merchant benefits, co branded events, national & international branding via our award winning reality TV series along with many other avenues that can be explored if the relationship is the right fit for both parties.

If your company would like to consider a significant strategic partnership with ARHT, we'd be happy to discuss this at any time. John Hooper, GM of Marketing & Fundraising manages all major sponsorship relationships - please contact us here.